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Working with trauma, one fully enters the world of the poetic and the logical. Nowhere else is the wound so deep, and nowhere else can healing be as profound, transformative and, ultimately, transcendent. From a broken place, it may be difficult to fathom this truth: trauma can be the doorway to grace.

One cannot think his or her way out of being traumatized. Trauma alters your brain, your nervous system, your body chemistry, your reflexes, and even the shape and posture of your physique. Not to mention your thoughts and emotions.  

As a somatic psychotherapist (and a certified somatic educator), I work emotionally, cognitively and physically to support you in safely processing traumatic events. Whether you have experienced, witnessed, or anticipated a singular terrifying event, or have endured cumulative incidences of fear, violence, neglect and abandonment, you can heal.​

I work transparently, training and educating you about your neurophysiology and healing techniques. I hold a safe space, empower you and enlist your awareness of your physical states  to pace your work appropriately to avoid retraumatization. Some people mistakenly believe that if they can emotionally withstand reexperiencing the trauma--have a catharsis--that they will heal. Trauma does not work this way. We do not step into the dark, until we know we have a flashlight and the batteries are charged. We utilize the light--your strengths and resources--to illuminate the darkness and loosen its terrifying grip on your psyche. We look to the body to identify your strengths, your limits/edges and your unique path to healing. 

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