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In therapy, we experience new and different parts of ourselves that allow us to make choices that support our having the life we want.​



While there are many varieties of therapy, ultimately their purpose is to support us in liberating ourselves from the angst that life, relationships, existence and even our most inner personal experiences are not what we want.

In trying to avoid this discomfort and dissatisfaction, we often end up entangling ourselves in even larger problems--conflict with loved ones, isolation, depression, anxiety, addictions, infidelity, low self-esteem, physical ailments and other relational and personal challenges.

Sometimes these problems stem from past trauma; sometimes they are in the present. ​Therapy helps individuals to navigate their external and internal realities to arrive at new possibilities and ways of experiencing themselves and others.

We refine our awareness of how the world impacts us, how we allow ourselves to be impacted; and, we excavate and develop internal resources that can transform our lived experience into one of purpose, pleasure, joy, energy, connection and nurture.


Individuals--$200 for 50 minute session
Couples--$225 for 50 minute session


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