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Therapy for Individuals...

While we enter therapy for a variety of reasons. We share a common frustration that life, work, relationships or even our sense of self is not what we want. Anxiety, depression, isolation, addiction and other problems indicate that we've lived ourselves out of alignment with our deepest needs. It doesn't mean that we've done anything wrong--just that we have adapted and survived in ways that have limited ourselves. I work with individuals to build greater awareness of the wisdom and resources they possess to expand and transform themselves--to discover more purpose, pleasure, joy, energy and connection. 

Shame and Self-Esteem

Consciously or not, many of us have internalized messages that we are inadequate, unworthy, not good or broken--that we should not be who we are. We believe the sun shines only on the other side of the street, and we can only feel good about ourselves when seen or validated by others. Sometimes we are aware of our negative beliefs but can't seem to loosen their grip on us. Sometimes, we're not aware of the negative scripts that hold us back. Either way, we are left feeling ashamed, facing loneliness and shrinking from life.

Rebuilding self-esteem is a gradual process that requires more than just cognitive insights. I work with individuals to nurture self-love and emotional/sensory states that expand one's ability to experience (and embrace) confidence, pleasure and pride in oneself. New experiences of wholeness and "rightness" in the therapy office lay the foundation for more fulfilling and self-loving choices in the real world.

Anxiety and Stress

When we are calm and not anxious, we are open to new experiences, curious about connecting with others and intrigued by life. When we're anxious, our nervous systems enter fight or flight mode, and we can't respond coherently. Instead, we spin inside ourselves. Symptoms such as sleeplessness, irritability, catastrophic thinking, explosive anger, despair/ hopelessness, indecision, frequent crying, difficulty concentrating, distrust/paranoia, and extreme shyness may indicate that your nervous system is out of balance. 

I support individuals struggling with anxiety to recalibrate their nervous systems--to rediscover a sense of inner calm and safety. Utilizing mind-body approaches, I support you in locating the "calm inside the storm." You will develop personalized tools for staying centered in stressful situations. With expanded resources and awareness, you will learn to transform your experience from one of intolerable angst to one of calmness and playfulness.

Life Purpose / Transitions

Whether due to major life transition--such as divorce, loss of job, death of loved ones, health issues--or because life has become a series of Groundhog days, we find ourselves asking questions such as, "Is this it?" or "What do I do next?" We might be at a crossroads and feel stuck, or we might have lost our path entirely.

I utilize experiential therapy and vision quest guidance to support individuals in taking the next step on the road to a meaningful future. Together, we explore what holds meaning for you. Through play and introspection, you will learn new tools for accessing your intuition, tap into your innate excitement and curiosity, and develop courage and stamina for the journey. By taking the next step on your path, you already begin to live a purpose-driven life.


Whether you are in debt, binge eat or starve, hoard, surf the internet endlessly, crave love or porn, or lose your power to any addictive behavior, you've fallen into the trap of seeking your fix from a source that depletes or harms you. It provides short term satisfaction while failing to meet your real deep-seated needs. ​Addictions represent our attempts to heal gone awry.

I work with individuals (often in tandem with 12-Step groups) to uncover the need that's speaking through the addictive behavior. By accepting and depathologizing the need and by working with your strengths and resources--holistically--I help you find new ways to satisfy your needs and heal.  Your addiction ceases to be your crutch.  Because we succumb to addictions when we are most vulnerable or when we act mindlessly, I work somatically to expand your ability to track your addictive patterns. By developing awareness and connection to your experience, you acquire more freedom and control.  All clients must agree to attend sessions sober. 

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